Easy Way to Make Money Fast – A Gambling Tip Everyone Should Know | Gambling tips

So you want to make money fast, and easily? Well who doesn’t – I know I certainly do! A friend of mine has shown me a great way to make some real money, and with a pretty small outlay to start with. I’ll warn you now, though, it means gambling and having courage, and a good deal of planning – so let’s have a look.Start with, say, $100. Now remember, this is a hundred you don’t need and a hundred you wont miss!Now we get the racing pages together, and look for a few races with the following criteria – eight runners or fewer, and a horse that is a clear favorite. If you’re not familiar with how to tell the favorite, look at the starting prices – anything at evens, or less, is likely to be heavily favored.Let’s say you find four horses that fit the criteria – one at evens, the next at 4/5 on, the next at 3/5 and the last one at evens. You now need to place an accumulator bet on those four horses – your bookmaker will help you to do this, but put simply it means the winnings from the first bet are carried over to the second, and so on.So, you put $100 on the accumulator that covers those four bets – when each horse wins, and at those odds the likelihood is they will, this is what happens:Bet 1: $100 at evens = $200 return
Bet 2: $200 at 4/5 = $360 return
Bet 3: $360 at 3/5 = $572 return
Bet 4: $572 at evens = $1144 returnIn four races you have turned $100 into over $1100!